Friday, November 2, 2007

Original Woman

Ok.. I had planned on doing a Woodland Nymph series at our Montly Group Gathering this past month, but the scenery in Ohio is unpredictable this time of year and the brush was baren already where it looked like deep cover three weeks ago..

So I had to change my gameplan at the last second and went for more of a primal approach..

I wanted it to feel more animalistic and an almost "original woman" kind of mentality.. SO at the last second I had to try to make what each person brought to the table fit the intent of the images..

So between fighting a sinus headache the whole day that had me sitting in the shade of a picnic shelter for about 3 hours during prime sunlight, and having to rethink what I had planned for 3 weeks at the last minute, I am happy with the outcome..

THANK YOU for those who braved the elements for me.. and stepped outside of their normal comfort zones..



Oryx said...

I LOVE that picture of Italian Kitten

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think that your pictures are absolutely beautiful. They astound me. I too think that the female body is beautiful but it is almost impossible to catch that beauty, but you have neared that more than anyone else I have seen. Just a suggestion, you should also do the beauty of life....pregnancy. Just a suggestion. Keep it up and very good work.

Lace Marie