Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dolls and Masks..

I am in the process of shooting a DOLL SERIES and a MASKED NUDE SERIES. I want both to be very straight forward portraiture while allowing the content to be interesting on its own merit.

With the Doll Series, I dont want to make the models LOOK like dolls, but have somthing about them that resembles the dolls they choose..

The Masked Nudes are much more about the Mask than the nudity.. I hope the body language adds some depth to the images and allows the personality of the model to shine thru the mask.

I like the red background with these for some reason.. So I think I will continue with that for the future shoots with both of these projects.



MandyK said...

Your work is beautiful I like the Doll idea and the red background you used as well..very interesting. I look forward to more of your work :)

MyMindsEye said...

Hey H! Other than the barn scenes, these are some of my favs. I love the masks. Id shoot all of my pics with a mask. Where did you get them?