Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mother Nature

Something about Maternity and Motherhood that always fascinates me.. People are quick to tell you about how beautiful it is, but there is also a deeper side that many wont discuss in public..

There is often a feeling of abandonment and isolation that most new mothers feel that can be overwhelming. and the responsibility of caring for a new life is bigger than most can grasp, so they tend not to think about it and just function day to day..

But what happens in those quiet times is what people really need to know about.. The part that is felt and not verbalized for fear of being shunned or judged..

Thanks to Char and her new hubby for sharing their bundle of joy Garrett with me..


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am often surprised at how dark my thoughts can be.. Not that I have the urge to perform any of these acts, but I am often fascinated at the visual and psychological aspects of them..

So I try to capture these thoughts the way they FEEL to me, not so much the way they would look if I witnessed it. So often the gruesome visual elements dont come into play for me, just the emotional ones.

I often wonder how far each of us are from becoming the worst of ourselves..?? How much of ourselves do we suppress in order to not be judged harshly by those whose judgement we care about ??

This is not just in reference the violent side of ourselves, but EVERY aspect of who we truly are..

I got the urge to add a difference element to my Crime Scene Series this time.. Not so much CSI, as Voyeur..

I say Voyeur because it is emotionally gratifying to be able to capture what was only random thoughts swimming around in my head hours earlier..

Thank you to Rick and Cassandra for coming halfway across the state to play with me on a wet and rainy day in the middle of nowhere..