Saturday, November 26, 2011

CRIME SCENE: Discovery in the Trunk..

Did my first shoot in well over a year.. Really needed to do something creative to knock the rust off.. Luckily I met a new model, Lexii, who was looking to be adventurous and explore her edgier creative side.. and was patient enough to let me work out those couch potato kinks..

Had the opportunity to shoot in a buddy's garage in the trunk of one of his classic cars.. I forgot how big those things used to be.. a 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight can comfortably hold a 6' model AND a spare tire with room for tools and luggage..

Took a minute to get my bearings and remember how to set the manual settings on my camera, only to realize all the batteries in my flashes were dead.. Luckily I had some of those little LED flashlights in my truck.. So with a little maneuvering, some well placed magnets to mount them to the trunk lid, and a slow shutter speed, we were able to shoot without incident..

Thanks to Gary for not freaking out when I told him I wanted to line the trunk of his car with 6 mil plastic sheeting and photograph a dead body in it..

And thank you to Lexii for stepping outside of her glamour comfort zone and taking her first steps towards the Artsy Fartsy Dark Side..


Saturday, April 9, 2011

CRIME SCENE: Video Compilation

I recently got a camcorder and video editing software and have no clue how to use either.. so this was my attempt at practice .. I just happened to be listening to Kanye at the time, so he is the soundtrack for this.. will have to look for creepier music next time..

This is a compilation video of my Crime Scene Series..  I plan to do more compilation videos to go along with some of my future photography projects...

Thanks to all the brave models who sufferend through my randomness and choice of remote locations.. I hope the snacks were worth the tree roots and random critters we came in contact with..