Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What some call torture, others call pleasure..

There really must be a thin line between pleasure and pain.

I often wonder how many people are willing to explore the darker side of themselves. I think more people than not have the desire, but lack the will..

I am often surprised by who I find when I ask the question, though rarely are they willing to just volunteer the information for fear of being judged harshly or looked at differently.

What a much more interesting place the world would be if more people asked the questions and better yet, volunteered the information instead of hoping someone guesses correctly..

I always think it is better to know than not know.. and more room out than in..

Dr. Phil likes to say that forcing people to guess never works to your benefit..

I just want to publicly thank the models who put up with my randomness.. No models, animals, or dolls were injured in the creation of my images.. Though I did get a cramp in my hamstring trying to balance myself while I took these... But I worked thru it..