Friday, October 15, 2010


My friend DJ was shooting Kori Danielle today and I snuck over and snapped these with my little point and shoot camera..

She is such a lovely person.. Has a great laugh and a really inviting disposition.. She looks like one of those romance novel women.. Like the wind should be blowing wherever she is.. I almost expected her to have a horse nearby..

I am glad that I got the chance to meet her..  and make her laugh..



If I was half as talented as she is at her age, I would have probably been completly full of myself.. but she isnt.. She is funny and smart and creative and not afraid to take a dare..

She is an amazing photographer and a self portrait model.. I decided to take her out of her comfort zone and hopefully provide an experience that would shed some light where she may not have looked before..

We spent the day shooting and talking shop and she tried really hard not to get grossed out by fish heads and chicken feet.. I hope the experience was worth the nausea for her..

I look forward to being a part of her creative journey.. And her mine..