Saturday, November 3, 2007


I decided to shoot some Glamour Shots only to realize that I dont like to shoot traditonal glamour.

Most of my ideas have little or no glamour intent at all.. I try to find something beyond the superficial with most of what I shoot, but glamour is about the superficial and anything more is often seen as a distraction from that intent.

I would rather shoot in an effort to capture the essence of an idea.. I would rather shoot something interesting than something pretty.. SO where does that leave me..

I had an Art Professor tell me that my models were often too attractive and a distraction.. I didnt think that was possible, but now I understand what he meant..

Since beauty is subjective, can it be interesting as well.. ??

Does it have to be one or the other.. ??


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Anonymous said...

its a bit interesting, and i did search something interesting, but id look to space, the stars and the sun, nature and its horizons. these pictures are good but, add some range, other stuff.

try optical illusions or very detailed scenes that you like, for some reason i like pics of japanese style buildings.