Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dolls and Masks..

I am in the process of shooting a DOLL SERIES and a MASKED NUDE SERIES. I want both to be very straight forward portraiture while allowing the content to be interesting on its own merit.

With the Doll Series, I dont want to make the models LOOK like dolls, but have somthing about them that resembles the dolls they choose..

The Masked Nudes are much more about the Mask than the nudity.. I hope the body language adds some depth to the images and allows the personality of the model to shine thru the mask.

I like the red background with these for some reason.. So I think I will continue with that for the future shoots with both of these projects.



I decided to shoot some Glamour Shots only to realize that I dont like to shoot traditonal glamour.

Most of my ideas have little or no glamour intent at all.. I try to find something beyond the superficial with most of what I shoot, but glamour is about the superficial and anything more is often seen as a distraction from that intent.

I would rather shoot in an effort to capture the essence of an idea.. I would rather shoot something interesting than something pretty.. SO where does that leave me..

I had an Art Professor tell me that my models were often too attractive and a distraction.. I didnt think that was possible, but now I understand what he meant..

Since beauty is subjective, can it be interesting as well.. ??

Does it have to be one or the other.. ??


Friday, November 2, 2007


I dont know why the darker aspect of life always seem to get my creative juices flowing.. I have been shooting stuff lately that didnt really inspire me but was fun to shoot because of WHO I was shooting it with.. Then I decided to shoot something that would inspire me no matter who I was shooting it with..

After being sick and watching way too many CSI reruns on USA network, I felt like I wanted to capture that same feeling in some new pictures..

It made me remember why I used to luv being in photography classes because each week there was something different we had to come up with and find people or things to shoot in order to realize our vision.

My professor would require us to have something beyond the superficial to offer, something deeper than a pretty picture or something done well technically..

So in planning this shoot I tried to think about evidence trails and what would help to lead the investigator back to the killer.. So there were little cues and clues left around to help tell the story..


Original Woman

Ok.. I had planned on doing a Woodland Nymph series at our Montly Group Gathering this past month, but the scenery in Ohio is unpredictable this time of year and the brush was baren already where it looked like deep cover three weeks ago..

So I had to change my gameplan at the last second and went for more of a primal approach..

I wanted it to feel more animalistic and an almost "original woman" kind of mentality.. SO at the last second I had to try to make what each person brought to the table fit the intent of the images..

So between fighting a sinus headache the whole day that had me sitting in the shade of a picnic shelter for about 3 hours during prime sunlight, and having to rethink what I had planned for 3 weeks at the last minute, I am happy with the outcome..

THANK YOU for those who braved the elements for me.. and stepped outside of their normal comfort zones..