Thursday, June 28, 2012

REVISITED... I can still smell the fix..

RARELY do I go back and look at any of my older work that I didnt make prints of to hang on my walls.. Once I have shot it and gone through it to process it, I put it in the archives and never look at it again..

These were the last FILM images I shot before I decided to buy a Digital Camera.. I found them in an old folder as I was cleaning off my old computer..

I remember scanning the negatives and thinking this digital thing was way too much work.. I would much rather be in a Darkroom with chemicals than sitting in front of a computer screen.

I remember when the lab I was using to process my Non-Artsy color stuff called me to say they were going with digital processors and would be scanning my negatives and making second generation prints, I knew it was time to face the digital demon and make the switch..

I still have not fully embraced it.. Still carry my Light Meter and still use a frame count when I shoot.. I guess some habits I will never break..
MODELS: Juana, Elizabeth MUA: ME

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