Monday, July 27, 2009

Feminine Strength

I seem to be in the minority of men I know who think women can be strong and feminine and sensual and womanly without looking like the stereotypical Barbie Doll or Video Vixen.

Those that know me know that I am a fan of physically strong women.. Great legs and strong firm frames always hold my attention longer than curvy and smooth. and when given the choice, muscle trumps anything else visually for me..

Yesterday I met Kelly, who at a glance is quite deceptive. She appears very petite and unassuming and has a self described "Tomboy" edge to her.

She has short pixie hair and wore oversized athletic gear and no makeup to our shoot. She seemed really comfy in her own skin without all the trappings most women get caught up in.

But once you get to SEE her, you realize how girly and sweet and goofy and funny she is.. We spent most of our time together laughing and talking trash like an old married couple.

Though she swears I cant, I think after some overdue cardio I can kick her ass.. LMAO


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