Friday, March 13, 2009

Lost Innocence...

There is something about the Loss of Innocence that is appealing in a very primal kind of way.. That desire is the foundation for a lot of behaviors; Deviant and otherwise.

People often desire to have an experience they have seen or heard others had or be the first to help someone else have an experience that they have already had themselves .

And the more innocent the apperance of the person, the more desireable that urge becomes for others to help them fulfill that experience.

So I often wonder if the person being viewed is actually as innocent as the viewer perceives them to be, or is it just a reflection of the viewers desire being projected onto them.

Thank you Angie for 'Monkey Toes' and pre-moistened Animal Crackers and to DJ for the opportunity to talk thru the process and remember why everthing should always be a teachable moment and a learning experience.


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