Monday, November 3, 2008

CRIME SCENE: Eviscerated

I was finally lucky enough to get to shoot with Traycee J after missing multiple opportunities to shoot together.. Just talking to her inspires me because she is open to ideas and always brings options to the table..

She gets this twinkle in her eye and this devilish grin when an idea inspires her and you get a glimpse of what is behind her innocent looking girl next door exterior..

I was throwing around random thoughts about the effort it would take to butcher a person and drag their remains to some secluded area.

So she decided to make it real for me.. I shot it like a double exposure and layered the images on top of each other.. So she had to climb in and out of two garbage bags to get these done..

I am sure there is an easier way to do it digitally, but I suck at photoshop so I did it the way I used to do it with film..

THANK YOU TRAYCEE for all your help and input..
and your willingness to crawl over tree roots..

At the same shoot I met an AMAZING SFX Makeup Artist named KIMBERLY KAIN...

After watching her do some really quick fake scars on people I found myself inspired to try something more visual and allow her to do what she does and build around it.

This is the outcome of two people who shouldnt be allowed to play together without rational adult supervision..

Thank you Sophia for putting up with our nonsense and enduring the leaves..



Nolens Volens said...

Very imaginative and yes, I agree that Traycee has the "TGND" look. Maybe if you took a class on PhotoShop...?

UIPHOTOS - Ultimate Imaging Photography said...

I took a photo restoration class before and know basic stuff..

But when I shoot, I STILL shoot like I do with film.. I dont shoot thinking I can fix it later.. I try to get it right in camera..

So anything beyond those basics makes me feel like it is less photography and more graphic arts..

I periodically shoot film for that very reason..